About us


This all started with an allergy test.  Tonda's eldest daughter, Jenna, was diagnosed as being allergic to wheat and peanuts as well as many environmental allergies.  So off to the store they went to spend a small fortune on gluten free goods.  And what a heartbreak it was to find most of it inedible to a 10 year old!  All that food and money wasted!  Over time they found a few store bought items they liked, but it ended up they were baking a lot.  

A few years later, Tonda was working in a small natural foods grocery store.  Knowing a bit about gluten free food, she fielded A LOT of questions about gluten free products.  She saw a growing demand and thought she could help.  She knew she wasn't the only mom baking cupcakes and freezing them for future school functions.  Liberated Baking became an idea.

About that time, Tonda's co-worker, Chris, approached her about her idea saying he wanted to be in on it.  He thought it was a great idea!  And so a great partnership began!

Tonda's sister, Ashley, came up with our name.  Her brother-in-law, Ryan, drew our logo.  Friends and family members pitched in elbow grease and time to ready the bakery.

We opened our doors in February 2013 at a small shop near our homes in Gresham.  In May 2017, we moved our store to our current location in Clackamas.

We are definitely still a family run business!  All members participate in one role or another - from baking and customer service to technology development.